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Welcome to Jenna Business Systems

Cash Registers and IQ Retail Point of Sale

We have been selling and supporting the Retail and Hospitality Business with Cash Registers (Tills) and IQ Retail Point of Sale solutions (P0S) for a number of years. We can supply hardware and software to all parts of South Africa as well as adjacent countries.

In addition, under the name “The IT Lady”, we can provide technical help to people or businesses with Desktops, Laptops and mobile devices exhibiting everyday problems such as speedup, cleanup, internet connection issues and virus removal.

Cash Registers

  • Are you looking for a new Cash Register, or help with fixing a problem with one you already have?
  • Would you like advice on which Cash Register would best suit your companies size and requirements?
  • Do you need Till Rolls, Ribbons, Printers, Scanners or other items for your existing Cash Register?
  • Do you need training help on a new Cash Register you have bought or help with setting up the menus?

IQ Retail Point of Sale

  • Are you looking to switch your business from Cash Registers to a fully functional Point of Sale system?
  • Would you like some advice when choosing a Point of Sale system to meet your needs?
  • Do you already have suitable computer hardware to host your IQ software or would you like advice on what to buy and where to buy it?
  • Do you need local training or setup support for the IQ Solutions you have already, or for any additions you are planning to add?

The IT Lady

  • Does your Desktop or Laptop computer frustrate you because it’s operating far slower than when you first purchased it?
  • Have your grandchildren filled up your memory space or loaded so many games on your computer that it is clogged up and running out of memory?
  • Is your computer suffering from viruses that want to take over and stop you doing what you want to do?
  • Does your computer need more disc space or a memory upgrade?
  • Have you spilt coffee or coke on your keyboard and some keys are now jammed?
  • We can usually improve many of these issues and get things running again more smoothly.