Security Video Solution

Security Video Solution


MorSecurity Video is an optimal solution for both business and residential premises.


MorSecurity Video is one of MorClick’s bespoke security solutions that operate by packaging our Unlimited 25/3Mbps 24-Month Package with the best-of-breed Video Smart alarm system, UNV.

MorSecurity Video operates via a central hardware hub, connecting four wired security smart cameras to your internet package via an ethernet connection.

UNV Intelligent Network Cameras can be configured to trigger intrusion using options such as Perimeter setup, Cross Line intrusion, Enter and leave area detection. Smart intrusion prevention significantly reduces false alarms caused by leaves, birds and lights etc., and only focus on humans and vehicles.


As the end user, you operate and manage the Smart alarm system through the EZView app, which works with both IOS and Android devices.

When an intrusion is detected, the NVR HUB will send a notification to your EZView app. You can then open the app and view live video on the camera.

MorClick provides and installs the alarm system hardware at a once-off, upfront cost and connects it to the MorSecurity Satellite Internet Subscription Package 25/3Mbps 24-Month Package.

Upfront security equipment hardware cost : R9,999,00

The UNV hardware will include:
1 x UNV – Ultra H.265 – 4 Channel

NVR with 4 PoE Ports
4 x UNV – Ultra H.265- P1 – 2MP Deep Learning WDR & LightHunter Mini Bullet Camera



    • Installation is free up to a 120km roundtrip distance to the customer – thereafter – additional travel charges may apply.
    • The UNV system comes with a 1-year warranty.

Hardware cannot be bought on contract – a full upfront payment is required before installation.

  • Should you already have a standard MorClick monthly subscription plan –upgrading to the 25/3 Unlimited 24-month service plan is required in order to sign up to this service.
  • Should you be an existing client, there will be an additional once-off installation fee for the Security Video System of R2500,00, which includes a 120km roundtrip travel distance to the customer. Thereafter additional travel charges may apply.
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